The Triangle

For Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin’s Sci-Fi Channel miniseries The Triangle, Devlin reunited with the Oscar®-winning visual effects team from his blockbuster Independence Day, Volker Engel and Marc Weigert. 

Engel and Weigert joined The Triangle team as producers, adding maximum VFX horsepower to the effects-heavy production.

The 6-hour mini explores the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, as a diverse team of individuals haunted by their experiences within the Triangle are hired to unlock and expose its secrets.  Craig Baxley (Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital) directed the long-form television project.

Uncharted Territory's expertise was  put to the test on The Triangle, which utilized an unprecedented number of visual effects shots in its attempt to bring the epic quality of The Triangle to the small screen.

At the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards Volker Engel and Marc Weigert took home the award for "Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie or Special."

Produced by Kelly van Horn, Volker Engel and Marc Weigert
Executive Producers Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin