Volker Engel speaks at FMX 2014

Volker will hold two talks at FMX 2014, held in Stuttgart, Germany, April 22-25.

Entitled Virtual Production for White House Down  &  Shapeshifter: Uncharted Territory through 1.5 decades

Title: Virtual Production for White House Down            Time & Location: 4/23/14 10:00 AM-10:30 AM, König-Karl-Halle

For Roland Emmerich’s White House Down the virtual production pipeline was key to the film being finished on time. Co-Producer and VFX Supervisor Volker Engel will give insights into Uncharted Territory’s solutions to deal with a nearly impossible production schedule and the challenge of a location that was off limits. For this project Engel and longtime collaborator Marc Weigert decided to set their company up like “the bridge of the Enterprise”. Together they supervised the VFX (Marc also directed 2nd Unit) and had Uncharted Territory create the pre- and postvis and made the company the management- and quality control-hub for a dozen VFX vendors. Volker will also elaborate on a key element during the shoot: The use of pre-rendered environments in combination with on-set real-time compositing using the Ncam system
Title: Shapeshifter: Uncharted Territory through 1.5 decades          Time & Location: 4/24/14 11:00 AM-12:00 PM, König-Karl-Halle 
In 1999 Uncharted Territory's co-founders Volker Engel and Marc Weigert both thought "And now for something completely different". They started a production company with a built-in VFX branch and most importantly a shape shifting capability. For the past 15 years Volker and Marc developed screenplays, produced or co-produced movies and event mini series - and in addition always were the VFX Supervisors for these productions.
Volker Engel will lead the audience through the adventure and challenges of running a company that evolved and reinvented itself with every project and in the past decade inspired other companies to follow in their footsteps.
Next on their dance card: The sequel to Independence Day.

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